Transmission Rebuild

Transmission Repair

There are choices!

When faced with the decision on how to repair your transmission, there are many approaches. Factors that determine the best course of action include:

1.  Actual cause of failure

2.  Age/Condition of the vehicle

3.  Future plans for vehicle

4.  Cost

5.  The presence of electrical control faults

First, we must determine whether an electrical control fault is present causing the transmission to function improperly. If this type of concern exists, it must be remedied first. Often times, this will cure the entire concern. However, there are cases where the vehicle may have been driven too long with an electrical control issue causing internal damage to the transmission.

There are typically 4 options to get your vehicle back on the road:

1. In-vehicle repair of existing transmission - This is a good option for a small percentage of vehicles. Not every transmission is a candidate for this this option. The determining factors are based on accessibility of the failed components and cause of failure. A proper diagnosis would reveal whether the vehicle is a candidate for this type of service.

2. Replacement with Remanufactured Transmission - Advantages of this service typically include a longer warranty with nationwide coverage. The biggest disadvantage is typically a higher cost due to replacement of the entire transmission, including parts that were not broken, worn, or damaged in the original unit.

3. Replacement with Used/Salvage Transmission - The most obvious upside of this service is a typically lower cost. The issues that surround this type of repair are mainly short warranties (most of which do notcover labor), the uncertainty of whether the replacement transmission will function upon installation or not, and the service life that it will provide. On some applications where the transmission computer is installed inside the transmission itself, it may be impossible to program the replacement transmission to the vehicle it is being installed into. Replacement of internal computers on used transmissions so that they may be programmed will typically make this repair cost more than other options. 

4. Rebuilding of Existing Transmission - This option will provide middle of the road pricing between a used transmission and a remanufactured transmission. Different durations of warranty are offered from 18 Month/18,000 Miles to 3 Year/36,000 Miles. These warranties are honored in-house, but nationwide warranties are also available upon request. The existing transmission is removed from the vehicle and disassembled for inspection of components. Components that are worn, damaged, or have a known failure rate are always replaced. Many components have no failure rate at all and can be reused, saving expense to the customer.

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