Diagnostic & Programming Tools

Snap-On Solus Ultra

Snap On Solus Ultra Scanner

The best tool for quick, easy, and every day diagnostics with vast vehicle coverage. Great for pulling codes and live data on domestic and Asian vehicles.

Launch X-431 Torque

Launch X-431 Torque Scan Tool

This is the tool for any repair requiring factory-level resets and/or adaptations. Its wireless capability also allows us to cycle execute commands without being inside the vehicle, allowing us to test components without multiple personnel.

Autologic DrivePro

Autologic Opus Drive Pro

This tool is the most powerful for European vehicles including Audi/VW, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo. It allows us to have factory level diagnostic and reflash/programming ability for these complex vehicles, allowing us to stay independent of the dealership.

CarDaq 3+ Bluetooth

Drew Tech CarDaq 3+ Flash Programming Pass Thru Device

When paired with our Toughbook, this elite pass through device allows us to program all makes and models that the DrivePro cannot. It covers all domestic and Asian brands, and also covers a few European makes as well. The Bluetooth capability allows us to park the vehicle anywhere and perform the flash program right from the office desk.